Grandes Camiones (Ladders) por Two-Can Editors

Grandes Camiones (Ladders) por Two-Can Editors

Titulo del libro: Grandes Camiones (Ladders)

Autor: Two-Can Editors

Número de páginas: 32 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: April 1, 2002

ISBN: 1587284073

Editor: Two-Can Publishers

Nombre del archivo: grandes-camiones-ladders.pdf

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Two-Can Editors con Grandes Camiones (Ladders)

This is one of the exciting titles to make up the Ladders series. It's a delightful look at big trucks, filled with the perfect mix of fun, facts and fiction. There are questions to answer, things to find, words and facts to learn, as well as puzzles and quizzes to solve.